Grammy award-winning Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seely is about to release an album of her own material in what she deems as ‘kind of the stories of her life,’ “Written in Song.”  The country music singer has written songs for numerous artists and it’s refreshing to hear her voice along with her very own take and production on these songs. These are, after all, her songs to sing and she certainly has the vocal prowess to do so!

    The musicianship throughout the album is exquisite as is the production quality.  It has headphone appeal with captivating left-right speaker crossover and it’s filled with intricate overlays and melodic background vocals.

     This collection of 14 songs is definitely worthy of your attention.  Many of the tracks were previously recorded by other artists and some are making their debut.  The first song “Sometimes I Do” was recorded by Ernest Tubb.  Seely sings this opening number in grand fashion and is accompanied by beautiful guitar tones.  “Senses” has a full sound that will appeal to yours.  It also features stand-out background vocals and the lyrics speak for themselves.  This one was made popular by Willie Nelson.  Another headphone gem is “Life Of a Rodeo Cowboy” where a simple three note fill near the end of song gets the full attention of my left ear.

   The album wraps up in encore fashion with honky tonk piano fun and a disclaimer about getting stoned on “Who Needs You,” followed by the final track “We’re Still Hangin’ In There Ain’t We Jessi.

    Jeannie Seely is a legendary lady who has been making country music hits since She has a lot to tell, so sit back and enjoy her stories “Written In Song.”


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