Mick Brown (Dokken, Ted Nugent and T & N) Interview

By: Gus Griesinger
Saturday, July 13, 2013

When Dokken came through town, we were lucky enough to sit down with "Wild" Mick Brown. Why is he called "Wild" anyway? Well, he obliges to answer that question along with a host of others in this rare one on one interview.

Mick doesn't do too many interviews, so it was very interesting to talk with him. We also talked about how he got the gig with Ted Nugent and what he thought of his DWI arrest last summer. In addition, we discussed his status with Dokken and whether or not T&N will ever do a tour?

All of those answers are right here and more. So sit back and enjoy the ride with "Wild" Mick Brown!

We would like to thank Ross Catalino from Back 2 Back Entertainment for allowing BackstageAxxess to review the show. For more information on Dokken, please go to: Dokken.

For everything Ted Nugent, please go to: Ted Nugent.

If its T&N your interested in, then we will direct you here: T & N.

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