Rolling Stones ‘Some Girls Live in Texas ’78’

  “Rolling Stones: Some Girls Live in Texas ’78” is the latest in a series of archived recordings of the iconic band to see a commercial release. This show was one of the Stones’ “secret performances,” billing themselves as “The London Green Shoed Cowboys.”

  The professionally shot show took place in front of a wildly enthusiastic crowd of around 3,000 fans who were lucky enough to get tickets after word got out who the real headliner was that evening. Fan reviews have been very positive, with some Stones fans calling this the “best live Stones show ever.” Although I hesitate to anoint it as the quintessential Rolling Stones DVD, it certainly is a refreshing change from some of the other live Stones shows I have seen, as this show really emphasizes the band’s playing. They sound more like a group of guys jamming and having a good time, as opposed to the corporate machine that is by nature what The Stones have become.

  In light of the revelations in Keith Richards’ book about his relationship with Jagger, it is interesting to see the two onstage together still seeming to be able to appreciate each other’s performance. One wonders if Richards’ memory is clouded by memories of grand tours and he forgot about times like this performance when the band was truly a band.

  It is also important to note that this may have been Ron Wood’s finest hour in the band. Even though I appreciate Mick Taylor’s contribution to The Rolling Stones, I always thought Wood was a better fit. In this performance, he shows why.

  If you are even a marginal fan of The Stones, there is no reason to shy away from this release. It sounds and looks great, and has a nice compliment of bonus features. Eagle Rock Entertainment’s handling of this package is superb, just as we have come to expect.