Ozzy Osbourne ‘Trust Me I’m Dr. Ozzy ‘

  Ozzy Osbourne – Trust Me I’m Dr. Ozzy “Advice from Rock’s Ultimate Survivor”

  WARNING: Ozzy Osbourne is not a qualified professional. CAUTION IS ADVISED…SERIOUSLY,CAUTION IS ADVISED!! What can I say? This is the ultimate bathroom read. This all stemmed from Ozzy’s health and relationship column in London’s “The Sunday Magazine.” The column snowballed into Ozzy doing the same thing for United States-based “Rolling Stone Magazine,” and now here we are with a book compiling a ton of questions for Dr. Ozzy. The questions range from “Should I trim my armpit hair for a first date?” to “How can I stop my eyelids from quivering?” or “What are the side-effects of anti-depressants?” For the most part, Ozzy gives the best advice he can, given the questions he is asked. We all know he isn’t a real doctor but you will be surprised as to how informative he can be.

  Ozzy has been to hundreds of doctors over the years and has spent fortunes on them. He is convinced that he knows more than some of the doctors do. Most of the questions come from total idiots that Ozzy promptly, and comically, puts in their rightful place. On more serious questions, Ozzy does his best to relate to the REAL questions asked and to help people out of their jams. You have to love Ozzy for having made it to where he is today. He is a genetic anomaly and should not even believe to tell his hilarious stories that relate to some of the questions in this book! The doctor is in. Enter at your own risk.