Halestorm ‘The Strange Case of….’

  After a highly successful debut album and numerous tours, Halestorm is about to release their second full length album, “The Strange Case Of…” The new record is a dichotomy, showcasing two very different sides of Halestorm and of lead vocalist Lzzy Hale herself.

  The first single, “Love Bites (So Do I)” is a powerhouse of a song exploding with energy and strong vocals. The hard rocking tunes continue with songs like “Daughters of Darkness,” featuring a great sing-along chorus, and “You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing.” With powerful lyrics and soaring vocals, Lzzy makes a statement about the power and strength of women.

  Then we see the softer side of Mz. Hale. Drawing from personal experiences, Lzzy has written some powerful and introspective ballads. “Beautiful With You” and “In Your Room” are touching and filled with raw emotion. “Break In” is a beautiful piano ballad and the softest, but also the most powerful track on the record. Capping things off is a celebratory anthem, “Here’s To Us,” which will be a great show closer as Halestorm heads out on tour.

  With “The Strange Case Of…,” Halestorm has given us the best of both worlds; powerful and in your face rock and roll and inspiring, emotional ballads. It is an amazing record showing the growth and maturity of the band. What more can anyone ask for? So “Here’s to you,” Halestorm, for a job extremely well done.