Venrez ‘Sell The Lie’

  Los Angeles based rockers, Venrez, are set to release their debut album, “Sell The Lie” to rock audiences everywhere. “Sell The Lie” is a return to the old school days of rock and roll. Recorded live in the studio, the CD is a refreshing change. You won’t find slick, overproduced tracks here. Instead, Venrez goes back to the basics and gives you rough, raw, and in your face rock and roll.

  Lead singer, Steven Berez , is backed by a crew of impressive talent including guitarists Jason Womack and Alex Kane, bassist Michael Bradford and drummer Ed Davis. The band seems to have quickly formed into a cohesive unit and will be a treat to see live. “Sell The Lie” kicks off in highgear with the first single, “Karma,” which was written about a bad business partnership and contains a great shout it out chorus. Other stand out tracks are the hard-hitting “Ants & Sand,” as well as the title track, “Sell The Lie.” They have also included a pretty cool cover of Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home.”

  Venrez has done an impressive job of getting back to the roots of rock with “Sell The Lie.” Whether you’re a fan of classic seventies rock or just looking for some fresh, infectious rock tunes, this one is for you.