Steve Harris ‘British Lion’

  After decades of writing and recording in Iron Maiden, bassist Steve Harris steps out of his proverbial box with the release of his first solo effort, “British Lion.” Steve has been the primary songwriter and creative force behind Maiden and is responsible for much of their success over the years. But if you were expecting a Maiden type record, this isn’t it.

  “British Lion” starts out strong with one of the heavier tracks, “This Is My God,” but fizzles out after that. There are moments of greatness with attacking double guitars and Harris’s signature bass lines but that is all, just moments. The seventies progressive rock influence is heard in “A World Without Heaven” and “Us Against The World.” However, lead singer Richie Taylor is a disappointment. Some of the songs just scream out for him to push the envelope vocally and yet he never does. Oddly enough, one of the best tracks on the album, “Eyes Of The Young,” features a southern rock groove which seems a much better fit for Taylor’s voice. The record closes with a haunting ballad, “The Lesson.”

  “British Lion” isn’t a bad record and yet it isn’t a good record either. Unfortunately, there just isn’t much to get excited about either way.