Jimi Jamison ‘Never Too Late’

  Melodic rock artist Jimi Jamison’s newest album, “Never Too Late,” has just been released and is now available through Frontiers records. His career includes time with the band Target and the heavy metal band Cobra which also featured Mandy Meyer of Krokus. Jimi is best known for his time in the pop rock band Survivor which he joined just in time for their successful “Vital Signs” album in 1984. Jamison is the voice behind their top forty hits “The Search Is Over” and “High on You” and is currently enjoying a successful solo career.

  Produced and mixed by Erik Martensson, the new record sounds fresh and up to date yet still keeps that classic eighties melodic feel. Overall, the album is positive and upbeat with a few ballads thrown in for good measure. Jamison’s vocals have never sounded better and the songwriting on the record is outstanding. From the swelling choruses of anthems like “Everybody’s Got a Broken Heart” to the harder, guitar driven “Street Survivor,” Jimi’s voice is a perfect fit. And of course he is absolutely in his element with the soaring vocals on the ballads “The Air That I Breathe” and “Not Tonight.”

  “Never Too Late” is a top notch record from one of melodic rock’s premier vocalists. It reminds me of summertime and is the perfect soundtrack for cruising down the road or hanging out at a barbecue with friends. Turn it up and enjoy.