Krokus ‘Dirty Dynamite’

  What is Switzerland famous for? If you ask someone this question, you’ll likely get a variety of answers including chocolate, skiing, watches and perhaps political neutrality. But if you ask a heavy metal fan that question, there is only one answer you’ll hear, Krokus, the Swiss metal band that has sold over 14 million records and has been rocking the world since 1975. Legions of metal fans have been entertained by their classic hits “Eat the Rich,” “Midnite Maniac,” and Krokus’s killer cover of Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz.” Krokus is getting ready to release a new studio album, “Dirty Dynamite,” that is absolutely chock full of good time, kick ass rock and roll.

  For the new record, Krokus returns to the roots of modern rock as well as their own, recording at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London and having guitarist Mandy Meyer return to the lineup. “Dirty Dynamite” has your typical hard rock anthems like “Hallelujah Rock n Roll,” “Go Baby Go,” and ” Better Than Sex” along with some pleasant surprises. The band gets down and dirty on classic blues and boogie numbers “Rattlesnake Rumble” and “Bailout Blues” and has a great southern rock vibe on “Hardrocking Man.” The title track, “Dirty Dynamite,” is deceiving. It’s not the hard rocker I was expecting but a lighter tune with some nice piano, a perfect cruising or road trip song. I thought one of the best and most interesting songs on the album was the cover version of “Help.” Yes, they dared to do a Beatles song and you know what, it is absolutely fantastic. Krokus truly made it their own with an eighties rock ballad feel and a beautiful ending. In fact, it is so unlike the original song that it took me more than a few seconds to recognize it.

  “Dirty Dynamite” is proof that the years have been kind to Krokus. Lead vocalist Marc Storace still sounds great and the band sounds tighter than ever. Bassist Chris Von Rohr has done an outstanding job on the production end, keeping the original sound of the band without it ever sounding dated. Go ahead and check out Switzerland’s “heaviest” export. You won’t be disappointed.