Sevendust ‘Black Out the Sun’

  “Sevendust has arrived! Sevendust has arrived!” If you’ve ever been to a Sevendust show, then you are already familiar with this chant. It’s something that lead vocalist Lajon Witherspoon regularly shouts to get the crowd pumped up during a show. With the recent debut of their ninth studio album, “Black Out The Sun,” at number one on Billboard’s Top Hard Rock Albums chart and the first single, “Decay,” topping Sirius Octane’s weekly countdown, it seems that Sevendust has indeed arrived.

  “Black Out The Sun” is an assault on the senses with the blistering riffs of guitarist Clint Lowery leading the charge backed by the thundering drums of Morgan Rose and staggering basslines of Vince Hornsby. Add to that the commanding vocals and stage presence of Witherspoon, who does everything from screaming growls to soaring melodic choruses, and you have an absolute powerhouse of a record. The album starts with the acoustic intro “Memory” before launching into full out attack mode on “Faithless.” Two of the best tracks on the album are “Mountain” and “Dead Roses” which are each a great combination of power and melody. The acoustic driven “Got A Feeling” slows things down and provides a nice change of pace before the crushing power of “Murder Bar” wraps things up.

  “Black Out The Sun” really showcases the power and versatility that Sevendust has to offer. If you like the blitzkrieg attack of metal but still enjoy a healthy side dish of melody, this is a record you won’t want to miss.