Stone Sour ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 2’

  Hot on the heels of their successful fall release of “House of Gold & Bones Part 1, ” Stone Sour is back with the conclusion to this two part concept album. “House of Gold & Bones Part 2” takes a turn toward the dark side a bit and brings the characters from Part 1 to a final resolution. The dream child of lead singer Corey Taylor, this epic project also involves a comic book release and a possible future movie deal.

  The power and aggression that we saw in Part 1 return for this record combined with somber , deeper lyrics. The music itself is emotionally intense whether it is the soft piano of the opening track “Red City” or the driving rhythm of “Peckinpah.” Guitarists Jim Root and Josh Rand are a tour de force with monster riffs and terrific solos but make no mistake it is the vocals of Taylor that really drive this record. From soft whispers to screaming growls, he takes the listener through the passionate highs and lows like no one else. Along with powerhouse tracks like the first single “Do Me a Favor” and “Gravesend” there are a few surprises thrown in as well. “Sadist” is as dark and powerful as its name and “Blue Smoke” has an ethereal, otherworldly quality to it.

  With Part 1 being such a great album, I had my doubts as to whether Part 2 would live up to all the hype. Stone Sour fans needn’t worry. This is a monster of a record and absolutely Intense with a capital I from beginning to end. Even the big, bad wolf couldn’t bring down this “House of Gold & Bones!”