Deep Purple ‘Now What?!’

  Legendary classic rockers Deep Purple have just released their nineteenth studio album and first since 2005, “NOW What?!” Since it’s been forty five years since the band’s debut on the music scene, I think the title is a good one. After such a long and illustrious career, what more could they possibly have in store for us?

  Recorded in Nashville, TN, and produced by Bob Ezrin, the new record has a classic 70’s era Deep Purple sound with all the bells and whistles that modern production can offer. “NOW What?!” kicks off with “A Simple Song” which is anything but simple. The song starts off with a basic rhythm and haunting guitar with a stripped down vocal before kicking things up into full-blown hard rock with keyboard runs galore. The epic songs continue with the hard rock of “Hell To Pay” and the wicked groove of “Bodyline.” Gillan’s vocals are unmistakable, as always, and although he may have lost a bit of his upper register over the years his vocals are still one of the purest in the history of rock. But the star of the show this time is organist/keyboardist Don Airey.

  “NOW What?!” is organ heavy and Don is simply astounding with his variety of styles and textures. He throws a bit of everything at us with a classic rock organ solo in “Hell To Pay,” the eerie horror movie style in “Vincent Price,” and even channeling a little Ray Manzarek of the Doors in “Blood From A Stone.”

  “NOW What?!” really achieves a tremendous balance between the guitar leads of Steve Morse and the keys of Airey, combining great melodies with just the right amount of jams to keep things Purple. After forty five years, Deep Purple can still rock with the best of them begging the question now what’s next?