Sebastian Bach ‘ABachalypse Now’

  It takes a special gift to be a rock and roll singer. A great voice simply isn’t enough. You have to be charismatic and have the right personality to truly be a great frontman. With his latest solo release, “ABachalypse Now,” former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach proves he has what it takes to be one of the best.

  The DVD contains three full concerts from his 2012 tour and opens with crowd scenes from Hellfest in France. The next scene shows Sebastian getting himself pumped up backstage before running out onto the stage where he wows the French crowd opening with “Slave to the Grind.” His touring band is spot on as Sebastian takes the crowd through solo tracks like “Kicking and Screaming” and Skid Row classics “18 & Life” and “I Remember You.” Short guitar and bass solos are featured during “Monkey Business” and the show closes with “Youth Gone Wild.” Bach’s vocals are superb and he works the crowd like a charm, constantly upping the level of intensity. The DVD also has bonus music videos from some of his solo tracks. Two live CD’s are also included from the same tour.

  “ABachalypse Now” is a nice package for fans of Bach and Skid Row. If you haven’t seen Sebastian perform live, the DVD really captures the feel of his live show. Pop this one into your DVD player and do a little “Kicking and Screaming” with one of rock and roll’s best!