Black Label Society ‘Catacombs of the Black Vatican’

  Berzerkers get ready! Black Label Society is about to release “Catacombs of the Black Vatican,” their first album of all new material since 2010 and it is going to blow you away! Everything about this record is sick with a capital S from the album title to the cover art and most importantly the music.

  What really got my attention is the variety of songs included on this release. Things kick off with “Fields of Unforgiveness” and the first single “My Dying Time.” Both tracks are slower paced with a real Alice In Chains sludgy, grunge feel to them. The band shows their softer side on the heartrending “Angel of Mercy” complete with strings and the emotional tenderness of “Scars.” Black Label Society also tears things up with heavy riffs and Zakk Wylde’s gritty vocals on the absolutely punishing tracks “Damn the Flood” and “Beyond the Down.” Bassist John DeServio heads up the rhythm section with Jeff Fabb on drums and new guitarist Dario Lorina (formerly of Lizzy Borden) fitting right in. Of course, one of the highlights of any BLS record is listening to all the spectacular guitar work. Now we all know Zakk can shred but he has a real knack at seamlessly fitting in electrifying solos even into the ballads and this time is no different. Closing things out is a true blues number, “Shades of Gray,” which provides a little bit of calm after the storm and features an exquisite solo perhaps the best on the album.

  “Catacombs of the Black Vatican” really showcases the depth of this band. BLS can do it all and do it very well. So grab your Black Label Society kutte, jump on your Harley, and get yourself a copy today!