Reverend Horton Heat ‘Rev’

  Hallelujah and praise the gods of rock and roll! Reverend Horton Heat is back with their first album in over four years, “Rev.” Get ready for an adrenaline fueled, toe-tapping good time as singer/songwriter / guitarist Jim Heath shares his “Gospel of Rock” with the masses.

  “Rev” takes off like a bullet from the chamber with the instrumental “Victory Lap” leading into the Chuck Berry riff of “Smell of Gasoline.” The songs are short and sweet and the melodies are contagious. Joining the Reverend on this eclectic rockabilly ride is the slapbass technique of Jimbo Wallace on the stand-up bass and the precision of drummer Scott Churilla. The music is a mix of country, blues, rock, swing, and punk and simply rocks hard and fast from start to finish. Whether channeling the Ventures in the surf rock “Zombie Dumb” or getting their honky tonk on in “Longest Gonest Man,” Reverend Horton Heat performs like a well-oiled machine. These guys are nothing if not tight. One of the best tracks on the record is the simply ridiculous and tongue in cheek “Let Me Teach You How To Eat” which is proof that great rock can be written about almost anything.

  With 25 years in music and 11 albums under their belt, Reverend Horton Heat hasn’t missed a beat. “Rev” is an outstanding album with a vibe that just can’t be denied. If you’re in need of some rock and roll for your soul, don’t miss this one. Keep preaching it brothers!