D-A-D ’30 Years 30 Hits Best of D-A-D 1984-2014′

  Formerly known as Disneyland After Dark, D-A-D is the band that was forced to change their name after pending legal action from the Walt Disney Company, but that is certainly not all that they are famous for. D-A-D is also Denmark’s most successful rock band and has released its first ever best of compilation, “30 Years 30 Hits.”

  The 2 CD set follows the band chronologically from their 1986 debut “Call of the Wild” to 2011’s “Dic.Nii.Lan.Daft.Erd.Ark” and their experimentation with different musical styles along the way. D-A-D is loud and energetic with simple three note riffs, catchy melodies, and often humorous lyrics. What D-A-D also does is play some really killer rock and roll. From the early rockabilly, cowpunk years with tracks like “Marlboro Man” to the AC/DC influences in “Point of View” the Binzer brothers (Jesper on vocals and Jacob on lead guitar) really tear things up. Add in the tight rhythm section of Laust Sonne on drums and bassist Stig Pedersen who can often be seen playing a 2 or 3 string bass and you have the makings of something really special. The set closes with some of their latest material including the rocker “A New Age Moving In” and the final song, a beautiful piano ballad, “We All Fall Down.”

  “30 Years 30 Hits” is a great collection by a tragically underrated band. This is rock and roll at its finest folks. Don’t miss it!