Mushroomhead ‘The Righteous & The Butterfly’

  The masked men of Ohio’s baddest industrial band, Mushroomhead, are back with their 8th studio album, “The Righteous & The Butterfly.” The title of the new record is dedicated to both late guitarist J.J. Righteous and late band photographer Vanessa Solowiow who passed away well before their time. The record also marks the return of vocalist J Mann and the debut of guitarist Church and bassist Dr. F.

  Being a nine piece unit, Mushroomhead has the ability to offer a variety of sounds but also the talent required to seamlessly blend the different genres into something that is uniquely Mushroomhead. The record kicks things off old school style with the lead track “Our Apologies” which is already topping the metal charts. “Devils Be Damned” offers a real thrash feel with searing guitars and the first single “Qwerty” is very unusual with a circus atmosphere. My favorite tracks had a real hip-hop vibe in “For Your Pleasure” and “We Are The Truth.” Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mushroomhead record without an epic piano ballad like “Portraits of the Poor” and “Childlike.” Closing the album, is a super heavy cover version of the Adele hit “Rumor Has It” which in my opinion completely blows away the original.

  “The Righteous & The Butterfly” may be the best record Mushroomhead has ever done. The band as a whole sounds fantastic and the production on the album is flawless. The songs are expertly written and offer a great combination of metal, thrash, industrial, and hip-hop all rolled into one. Check this one out today!