Todd Snider ‘I Never Met a Story I Didn’t Like: Mostly True Tall Tales’

  There are two things in life that I really enjoy, music and books. So when given the opportunity to read a book about music, it’s the absolute best of both worlds. When Todd Snider’s book came across my desk, I’ll admit I was unfamiliar with his work. After a quick internet search, I realized I do know his work. Todd Snider is the “Beer Run” guy, the song made famous on The Bob & Tom radio show. So if you’ve ever driven down the road singing “B, double e, double r-u-n, beer run” then you’re familiar with his work too. But to label Todd as only the “Beer Run” guy would do him a grave injustice as he is so much more than that.

  Todd is an accomplished entertainer, part folk singer, part rock star, part country artist, part comedian, and most definitely a storyteller. In his book, “I Never Met A Story I Didn’t Like,” Todd takes us through the highlights and lowlights of his career and life both on and off the stage. Music buffs will love the stories from his early career with Jimmy Buffett and John Prine taking him under his wing and later his working with legends like Kris Kristofferson and Garth Brooks. Todd will have you laughing at his uncanny ability to piss off the people he most wants to impress and his tall tales will have you in stitches. You won’t want to miss reading about the time he met Tony Bennett at an East Nashville carwash. Well, maybe not “the” Tony Bennett but Tony Bennett nonetheless. The book isn’t all fun and games though. Todd gives honest and heartrending accounts of his personal struggles with drugs and alcohol and the effect it has on his career.

  “I Never Met A Story I Didn’t Like” is quite the entertaining read, a gem of a book. Todd comes across as a real everyman’s man, just a guy with a guitar who likes to tell stories and sing songs. This book gives readers the opportunity to get to know one of America’s premier singer/songwriters. Don’t miss this chance!