David Shankle Group ‘Still a Warrior’

  Shredmaster David Shankle is back with a brand new album on Pure Steel Records, “Still A Warrior.” This time out, David has brought together the talents of vocalist Warren Halvarson, bassist Mike Streicher, and drummer Gabriel Anthony to complete the lineup of DSG.

  “Still A Warrior” is the first release from David Shankle Group since 2007’s “Hellborn” and let me tell you it is worth the wait. The record is full of great riffs, solid songs, and out of this world shredding. The title track kicks things off and is a great warrior like rock anthem. Vocalist Warren Halvarson shines on “Fuel For The Fire” and the rhythm section is rock solid throughout. Of course this wouldn’t be a DSG album without some serious shredding so don’t miss the instrumental track “The Hitman.” A hidden gem is “Demonic Solo,” a shredfest that David recorded for the horror movie “Jezebeth” and is touted as one of the fastest solos ever recorded.

  Shankle is a true master of his craft and if you’re a fan of the neo-classical shred style, you’ll love this record. But “Still A Warrior” is a lot more than just shredding, it’s a true rock record with great songs and a great band to back it up. With this record, David shows the world he is still on top of his game. “Still A Warrior” indeed.