Lynz ‘Dusk at Dawn’

  Up and coming singer/songwriter Lynz Munich has released her self-produced debut album called “Dusk At Dawn” on her very own recording label. Munich is a 16-year-old musician from Buffalo, New York, and from the lyrics on her first single “Cali,” she also seems to have an affinity for California. The first song “Take Me Somewhere Nice,” is a light hearted pop song and it sets the tone for the rest of album.

  This acoustic-pop album has story-telling folk appeal that, although written from the perspective of a teenager, lyrically transcends into subject matter that everyone can relate to. Hey, we were all teenagers once! The song “Planes” is an apparent account of Lynz’s first time flying in an airplane. It offers a fresh perspective on something many of us consider old-hat.

  Albeit the underlying theme of this album focuses on the confusion of growing up, songs like “Grateful” and “Hope” demonstrate how insightful this young songwriter is. My favorite song on the CD is “World.” It showcases developing production skills with vocal layering and harmonizing, giving this song a bit of an ethereal tone.

  The song “Sleep” is definitely relatable. Whether you’re in high school, college, starting a career, or a parent juggling all of these things plus kids and making their lunches, “Sleep” is something we all need and could likely use more of.

  The final track is the title track “Dusk at Dawn” and it paints a picture of just that. Lynz Munich is a newcomer worth listening to. This is a noteworthy first effort and as she hones her skills, I expect her subsequent releases will soar. The entire CD was solely written and produced by the artist, and with the exception of a few songs, she even played all of the instruments. I, for one, am curious to see what the future holds for this rising young star.