KKB ‘Got to Get Back’

  KKB, featuring former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, bassist/singer Mike Katz, and drummer Guy Bois, is actually a trio that formed in 1974. Named after Kulick, Katz and Bois, six original songs were released back in 2008 and now, remastered plus one, the latest KKB album “Got To Get Back” is out.

  KKB is timeless as songs from 1974 sound like brand new “old school” tunes. Fitting into the mix is the title track “Got To Get Back.” This song transcends time. It’s a new song with a classic, yet progressive rock sound that if I didn’t read about it, I would have guessed that it was from the same time as the other six songs on this album. That’s right! 1974! Bruce Kulick’s guitar playing on this song perfectly fits the ’70s time frame and 2015. This album is guitar heavy and that’s what’s so great about it! I first became familiar with Bruce Kulick as a KISS fan. Listening to this album, it’s apparent that Kulick honed his guitar playing skills long before his former days with KISS and his current time with Grand Funk Railroad.

  The musicianship of this power trio shines through from the start with “I’ll Never Take You Back” and a ballad called “Someday” that includes a string quartet and great vocal harmonies. You probably would not have heard the string quartet on a rock album in 1974, but it’s a beautiful addition to the song. “You Won’t Be There” is my favorite track. It’s classic rock with an element of funk that’s not to be missed. “You’ve Got A Hold On Me” has a ringing Frank Zappa-ish staccato style. Katz vocals are crisp and clear on every song. I would love to hear more music from this band. Whether you love the music from the 1970s or you’re a KISS fan who wants everything Kulick in your collection, “Got To Get Back” is worth a listen.