Nate Ruess @ Town Ballroom, Buffalo, New York Saturday, November 21, 2015

  Nate Ruess has found what it takes to be a mega success in the music business. The last 10 years or so have been very good to him. His former indie bands “The Format” and “Fun” brought him notoriety and riches. Ruess brought his new solo act to the Town Ballroom in downtown Buffalo, NY, last Friday. The 33 year old Ruess’s appeal is in his catchy pop tunes, boyish charm, and energetic stage act. His backing band “The Romantics” is a newly formed group of young musicians with the good looks to support the good-looking Ruess. The Ballroom was packed with a mixed crowd of young girls and their dates and younger girls with parents in tow.

  On tour to support his second solo album “Grand Romantic,” Ruess has ramped up the energy in his live shows to bring even more “Na-nas” and “Hey-heys” to his wildly energetic stage performance. From the opening tune “AH HA” to the final notes of the “Fun” mega teen anthem hit “WE ARE YOUNG,” Ruess frolicked with band members on stage and teased the crowd often jumping the stage barrier to physically interact with the crowd. Ruess has a strong tenor singing voice and belted out songs feeding off the energy of the crowd, bouncing across the stage, often pointing to members of the audience as if he was singing directly to them. The crowd ate it up, singing along with every song at top volume.

  Ruess even paid homage to the parents in the audience with the Elton John tune “Rocket Man,” bringing his modern pop sensibility to the favorite “oldie” hit. The parents in the crowd sang right along with their children setting an atmosphere of togetherness that Ruess seemed proud to have created. Let it be said that, even though Ruess’s music appeals primarily to today’s youth, his mass appeal has been crafted like a master choreographer creating a magical dance for all to enjoy. He is one of the most popular artists in the indie-pop genre and shows no signs of slowing down.


Ah Ha
Light my Fire
Carry On
Let’s Go Crazy (Prince)
Great Big Storm
Dog Problems (The Format)
What This World
Nothing Without Love
Rocket Man (Elton John cover)
Harsh Light
We Are Young                 


We would like to thank Amy Laudicano from Atlantic Records for the credentials to review the show.