Former Rainbow and DIO bassist Jimmy Bain Dead at 68

   The rock and roll world has suffered another loss with the death of bassist Jimmy Bain on Saturday. Bain was a part of Rainbow in the 70’s appearing on the 1976 album “Rising” and the 1977 double live album “On Stage” but is best known for his work with Ronnie James Dio. Jimmy was a part of 7 studio albums with DIO including the rock classics “Holy Diver” and “The Last In Line.” Most recently, Bain was a part of the Last In Line band which was formed after the death of Ronnie James Dio as a tribute and was set for an upcoming album release of original songs. No further details are available at this time.


   Last In Line has released two videos today, a lyric video for “Blame It On Me” and a music video for “Starmaker,” in tribute to the memory of bassist Jimmy Bain. Jimmy Bain passed away at the age of 68 this weekend. Both videos were scheduled for release prior to Bain’s passing and his excitement for the world to experience these new songs has caused the band to decide to move ahead with their release today. 

  Last In Line formed in 2012 when original Dio band members reunited to pay tribute to the memory of Ronnie James Dio who passed away in 2010. The band took their name from the legendary Dio album that guitarist Vivian Campbell, bassist Jimmy Bain and drummer Vinny Appice all performed on. While playing that original material, they started to write and create new songs that would later beoce the debut Heavy Crown. They tapped newcomer Andrew Freeman to handle the vocal duties and the nucleus for Last In Line was created.