Joe Bonamassa “Blues of Desperation”

     “Blues of Desperation” is the latest release from blues rock guitarist extraordinaire Joe Bonamassa.  It’s his 12th studio album of  predominantly rock meets blues…and country.  This album feels like a continuation of 2014’s “Different Shades of Blue” with an apparent Nashville influence.  From the opening chord in “This Train,” this album features one guitar solo after another and with dual drummers Anton Fig and Greg Morrow, pure percussive power drives “This Train.”

     The album’s title track “Blues of Desperation” is gritty with a Led Zeppelin-ish psychedelic feel, making for a captivating mix.  “The Valley Runs Low” has a folky, southern groove and features beautiful vocal harmonies while “You Left Me Nothing but the Bill and the Blues” has a boogie woogie foot stomping beat, complete with two separate guitar solos.  If you like the rockier side of the blues, “Distant Lonesome Train” has an extra heavy rhythm section fueling Bonamassa’s elongated licks.

     The album closes with the slow blues influence of B.B. King in “What I’ve Known for a Very Long Time.”  In this latest offering, Joe Bonamassa walks you through the gamut of blues from old school to contemporary, and back again, and somehow weaves it all together seamlessly.  Already a polished virtuoso, Bonamassa is maturing like a fine wine (Spo-Dee-O-Dee).  After listening to this album, I think he still has plenty more to offer and for fans to look forward to.  In the meantime, let’s savor this stimulating bouquet of blues!