The Jelly Jam “Profit”

  The progressive rock super group The Jelly Jam will release their new album “Profit” on May 27th via Music Theories Recordings / Mascot Label Group.  The musical trio features DREAM THEATER’s John Myung on bass, WINGER and DIXIE DREGS’ Rod Morgenstein on drums, and KING’S X Ty Tabor on guitar and vocals.  This is the fourth offering from The Jelly Jam since 2002.  The members’ work with the aforementioned bands kept them out of the studio for a while but this album was worth the wait.

     “Profit” is a concept album that should be listened to from start to finish to grasp its full affect.  Beginning with the first track “Care,” the songs on this album sequentially follow the journey of ‘The Prophet’ who is on a mission to save the world.  The next song “Stain on the Sun” lyrically contemplates the prophet’s journey over some stand-out classic ’70s guitar riffs.  On the cover of this CD, the word prophet is crossed out and “Profit” is put in it’s place.  The play on the words serves as a reminder that money rules the world and may truly be the root of evil as civilization marches to the beat of the marketplace.
    The musicianship on this album is top notch and melodically mixes prog with grunge, alternative and classic rock.  While each song stands on its own with individual stylings, the story as a whole gives the album its oomph.  “Perfect Lines (Flyin’)” is a stand-out track and has a little bit of everything, including terrific vocal harmonies, a piano break and a powerful guitar solo.  “Mr. Man” features another great guitar solo and lyrically, it describes the struggle and perseverance that it takes break through obstacles.
     “Strong Belief” brings a powerful end to the daunting task of the “Profit.”  Tabor’s voice blends beautifully with the story put forth and even has a calming effect throughout the looming destruction of Mother Earth.  Profit is a musically profound journey wrought with social commentary and certainly worth listening to.  For fans of classic grooves, think Yes with a timely twist.  The Jelly Jam is also planning a tour to support this upcoming album and I’m looking forward to witnessing a live performance of this journey.  Until then, put your headphones on, turn the lights off and commit to listening to “Profit” in its entirety.