Brad Paisley @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien, NY 8-19-16

Brad Paisley @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien, NY 8-19-16

    Fans of all ages streamed into the Darien Lake concert venue last Friday night to hear Brad Paisley who is one of the most popular acts in modern country music.  Paisley is a frequent visitor to Western New York and he mentioned how country music fans in the area are as loyal as any in the world, maybe even more so than in the south. That says a lot for area fans.  Judging by the crowd reaction Paisley was right on his observation. From the  first notes of the hit, “Crushin’ It”, the crowd rose to their feet and did not sit down.  Every song was a sing-a-long.  Young and old alike were belting out the lyrics to “American Saturday Night”, “I’m Still A Guy”, “Ticks”, “I’m Gonna Miss Her” and so many other hits.

   Paisley is an expert at rallying the crowd with patriotic and heartfelt talks between songs.  “It’s almost football season!” was the cry before “Country Nation” and the crowd yelled with approval. Even the somber “Whiskey Lullaby” sung as a duet with Maddy of opening act Maddy and Tae, turned into a rousing bar room anthem.

    It’s easy to see why Paisley is so popular.  His onstage charm, talented guitar playing and well-chosen setlist make his concerts more of a party than a performance.  He will be welcomed back with open arms by this crowd.  Be assured the next concert will also be a great time.



Crushin’ It

American Saturday Night



Perfect Storm

Without A Fight

Country Nation

This Is Country Music

I’m Still a Guy

She’s Everything

Whiskey Lullaby



Old Alabama


Beat This Summer

Fishin’ (I’m Gonna Miss Her)

River Bank

Selfie (Acoustic)

Remind Me

Southern Comfort Zone

Mud on the Tires



We would like to thank Ashley Ball for her assistance in obtaining the credentials so BackstageAxxess could review the show.