Jeff Beck “Loud Hailer”

Jekff Beck

   In the UK, a loud hailer is a bullhorn, the kind of thing you need when you want your message to be heard. At 72 years old, Jeff Beck has something to say and his new studio album “Loud Hailer” has a message for everyone. This album, his first in six years, screams, yells, attacks, and pounds out a warning to the audience.  Vocalist Rosie Bones is a good match for Beck’s wailing guitar on the opening “The Revolution Will Be Televised.” Her voice soars as the lyrics describe an over- abundance of electronics in use today.  This protest is a theme throughout the album.  “Right Now” is an anthem for the impatience of youth.  “Oil” is and attack on the love affair we have with that sweet sticky stuff. The only respite from the rock and roll is the beautiful ballad “Scared For The Children.”  Bones delivers a heartfelt plea to take care of our young people. It is a nice break from the pounding and slashing.

    The “statement” album is one many musicians have done. Why is this one any different? Well, it’s Jeff Beck. He has been known to be a very thrifty vocalist, hardly speaking on stage or on record. The message on “Loud Hailer” is loud and clear. Beck plays as if he is an angry man. Staccato notes, wild but exacting runs, and beautiful, soaring bends are his language and he is a master.

 The musicians he has chosen for this recording are top shelf as always. Carmen Vandenburg on rhythm guitar, David Sollazzi on drums, Giovanni Pallotti on bass, and the aforementioned Bones on vocals put on the kind of performance that makes the star of the show that much better.  The star, of course, is the guitar. Jeff Beck’s guitar sounds fresh and ready to amaze your ears once again. “Loud Hailer” delivers.