O.A.R. @ Artpark, Lewiston, NY 8-3-16

O.A.R. @ Artpark, Lewiston, NY 8-3-16

    Artpark in Lewiston NY was packed with O.A.R. fans last Wednesday night. Some came from as far away as Oregon to see the first show of the band’s “XX: Evolution of a Revolution” summer tour. Marc Roberge and bandmates will be releasing the new album “XX” on Augsut 5th commemorating the last 20 years of OAR music. It features many of their most popular songs with many remixes and live versions and new studio material.

   Kicking off the night with “52-50” and “Untitled,” the band grabbed the crowd with infectious beats and did not let go. The faithful rose to their feet and danced, clapped, and sang along to every song.  As O.A.R has done in past shows in the area, they played hit after hit and all of it in fine form. This being the first show of tour, Roberge mentioned the affinity the band has for the area. The band has played Artpark a handful of times over the last several years.

   Not lost on the crowd is the musical talent in this band. Their was a trade off horn duel between saxophonist Jerry Dipizio and trumpeter Jon Lampley during “Heard The World.” This was an audience favorite as the guys hopped, mugged, and danced their way through the tune. Lead guitarist Richard On and keyboardist Mikel Paris filled the night with great runs and outstanding solos. Bassist Benj Gershman and drummer Chris Culos held down the backbeat and had their own spotlight solos. This band is really not about solo musicians. O.A.R is about the fun they have playing together. Judging by the crowd reaction this night, O.A.R is welcome back anytime.




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We would like to thank Maria Hays from Artpark for the credentials to review the show.