Jim Crean “Insatiable”

    Don Jamieson from That Metal Show provides a 20 second introduction for Jim Crean’s latest release, promising a kick-ass epic rock recording.  Let me start off by letting you know that “Insatiable” delivers!  The first song is the title track and it jumpstarts the record in an “irresistible” way with it’s ’80s metal vibe and a guitar solo from Robby Lochner.  Steve Major handles rhythm guitar and bass while heavy hitter Vinny Appice drives the beat.  Jim Crean provides melodic vocals and is joined by several guest stars throughout the album.

    The next song is a must-mention!  It’s an honorable rendition of Ronnie James Dio’s “Caught in the Middle.”  Crean and Frank Dimino (Angel) share lead and background vocals on this one, creating some ultra smooth vocal harmonies.  The song also features original drummer Vinny Appice and original bassist, the late Jimmy Bain.

    Another standout is “Shut Your Mouth.”  It’s a Crean original with a notable bassline and absolutely sing-a-long-able lyrics.  If I didn’t already know this is a new release from Buffalo, New York’s very own Jim Crean, I might argue that it’s an ’80s relic from the Sunset Strip.  This album has a nice mix of originals and cover tunes that fit together rather seamlessly.

    The final track is a KISS cover written by Paul Stanley.  It was a pleasant surprise to hear “Magic Touch” from the “Dynasty” album.  Kudos to Jim Crean for including this KISS classic as a bonus track.  If you have an “Insatiable” craving for something new from the hair band era, this CD is sure to satisfy your appetite.