Jimmy Page To Tour In 2017 With New Band

Legendary guitarist Jimmy Page has told Planet Rock, the U.K. digital radio station, that he hopes to tour in 2017 with an all new band.  This would be his first tour since 1998 when he hit the road alongside Robert Plant.

     Jimmy recently appeared on Mojo Rocks with Phil Alexander to talk about Led Zeppelin’s 1997 “BBC Sessions” album and said “The ‘BBC Sessions’ was an epic, when you think everything has to be listened to in real time and all of that. It’s an epic, but it’s an epic I was really prepared to take on, because, historically, it was really important for people to have all that information about what was going on in the studio at that point of time. It took a lot of time, and I must say that I hoped by this time that I would be sort of playing with other musicians. I’ve said that to you before but I still hope to do that. Clearly now it’s not going to materialize until next year. That’s not that far away now.”

     For all classic rock fans, 2017 can’t come soon enough!