Has Asking Alexandria Replaced Denis Stoff With Ex-Vocalist Danny Worsnop?

According to various news sources and social media posts, that may be the case as posts have hinted that Danny Worsnop is back in the band.

Caliber TV writer Nicholas Fike claims that frontman Denis Stoff is out.

Fike says on Twitter: “You heard it here first, folks – Danny Worsnop is the vocalist of Asking Alexandria again.”

He later added: “Breaking news: Danny Worsnop returns to Asking Alexandria, Denis Out.”

The posts come after the band’s guitarist Ben Bruce and Worsnop recently buried the hatchet after Worsnop’s acrimonious split from the band to form new group We Are Harlot.

The band’s label Sumerian Records added to the hype by posting a series of the band’s old album covers and pictures of Worsnop during his time in the group on Facebook.

At this point, it is still unclear just who will be the future frontman of Asking Alexandria.