Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue @ UB Center for the Arts, Amherst, NY 10-3-16

Trombone Shorty @ UB Center for the Arts, Amherst, NY 10-3-16

     When a concert starts out with the crowd on their feet stomping, singing and dancing from the first notes, you know you are in for a special evening. When Trombone Shorty started playing last Monday at the UB Center for the Performing Arts, the crowd rose to their feet and did just that, dancing to every song. The normally reserved crowd at The Center for the Arts let loose in what was more like a juke joint than a concert hall. Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews and his backing band “Orleans Avenue” rollicked through a two hour set of funky songs that left no doubt this 30 year old is one of the hottest live acts touring today. Recording music since he was 16 yr. old, Andrews has put together a “heavy metal” band of sorts. That heavy metal is brass. He plays trumpet and of course trombone, Dan Oestereicher handles the baritone sax, and BK Jackson wields the tenor sax. This frontline is impressive to say the least. Joined by Pete Murano on guitar, Michael Ballard on bass, and Joey Peebles on drums they form a tight knit band that is high on talent and showmanship.

     Strutting onstage to “Slippery Lips”, Andrews quickly set the tone for the evening with blazing horn playing and smooth vocals. Highlighting Murano on guitar in the next tune “Sistamamalover,” Andrews took control directing the band, James Brown style, with hip snaps, arm pops, and leg kicks.

     A skilled horn player and vocalist, Andrews playfully got the band to interact with the crowd, each member taking turns to rush to the edge of the stage for their solo.  You can tell this is a musician that is having lots of fun playing, singing, dancing and leading.

     The night rolled on with tunes that ranged from jazzy, funky, horn-laden numbers to slow romantic ballads and bluesy interludes. “Craziest Things” featured the 3 horn frontline that had the crowd on their feet again, dancing wildly. The topical “Hurricane Season” and funky “Long Weekend” saw BK Jackson and Oestereicher traded sax lines in a tight, funky rhythm.

     The slow closing number “Do To Me” led to rousing encore of a Mardi Gras-style “When the Saints Go Marching In” left the crowd screaming for more. Andrews took to the mic and proclaimed his thanks and promised “We will be back.” Actually you will not have to wait too long. The band will be back in the Buffalo area opening for The Red Hot Chili Peppers on Feb. 10, 2107. The house will be rockin’ that night. Don’t miss it!


Slippery Lips


Here Comes The Girls

VA Slim/Buckjump

One Night Only

Lose MY Mind

Craziest Things

Ain’t No Use (The Meters cover)

Then There Was You

Long Weekend

Hurricane Season

Do To Me


When The Saints Go Marching In



We would like to thank Dave Wedekindt from UB Center for the Arts for the credentials to review the show.