Michael Tyler “317”

Michael Tyler, a popular name in Nashville for writing songs for other artists, has released his first album.  “317” was appropriately released on March 17th on Reviver Records and provides a musical glimpse into Tyler’s journey from his hometown in Missouri to his home in Nashville. The album title was actually inspired by the number of miles on his car’s trip-meter when he arrived in Nashville.  “Here’s to the Nights” is the first of 11 tracks on this album.  Tyler is an established lyricist and “Here’s to the Nights” tells a story that is seemingly reminiscent of his teenaged years when ‘heaven was 11 on a Marshall stack.’  Rock on Michael!  For many, that “heaven” still rings true.  This country artist was clearly influenced by ’80s and ’90s rock, pop and mainstream country.  Clean guitar riffs can be heard throughout the album and I especially enjoyed Tyler’s vocal versatility on “Love Myself.”  Lyrically, “Songs About Missouri” creates a musical landscape and emotes nostalgia and beauty surrounding Tyler’s youth.  The “Secret” surprise is a country pop song with an Eddie Van Halen-esque guitar scrape.

This is a fun and well produced album with top-notch musicianship.  Michael Tyler is a self-taught musician who certainly knows how to paint a picture with words and offers up a variety of songs.  Tyler has penned hits for both Jason Aldean (“Laid Back”) and Dierks Bentley (“Somewhere on a Beach”) and it’s refreshing to hear him sing his own songs.  “317” is definitely worth a listen and along with this CD, Backstage Axxess received a bonus DVD featuring music videos for “Crazy Last Night” and “Laid Back,” visually confirming that Tyler is oozing with talent.  Based on his debut album, I think there’s much more to come from Michael Tyler.