The Canalside Concert series has scheduled a variety of acts for the summer and this past Thursday red-headed country star Eric Paslay brought his “Ginger Country” to the downtown Buffalo venue. Paslay has been recording on his own since 2011. He built a solid career writing hits for Lady Antebellum (Friday Night), Jake Owen (Barefoot Blue Jean Night) and Rascal Flatts (Rewind). The Canalside crowd packed the front of the stage ready to see a down-home country concert. Paslay opened
the show with the rocking “Keep On Fallin'” and “Song About A Girl.” The crowd respond with cheers and singing the lyrics to both tunes. Paslay set a quick pace with “Never Really Wanted” then slid into the dreamy ballad “Angel Eyes.” Paslay sang with passion and showed why he is a rising country star. Judging by the crowd response, he is on his way to a big career.

Mixing it up a bit, Paslay played some of the hits he wrote for other artists. “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and “Rewind” let the artist show how he interprets the songs. Paslay’s energy very high throughout his set.  His singing was drowned out by the loyal fans that knew the lyrics by heart, this happened on a few so much so that he let the crowd finish his lines at times. Paslay knows his roots and paid tribute to a personal hero in Willie Nelson with “On The Road Again” and a second homage went out to the Rolling Stones with “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” Ending the show with a rollicking version of “Less Than Whole.” Paslay left the crowd screaming for more. As a country gentleman would, he obliged with his biggest hit “Friday Night” for an encore. Paslay’s night of hits came to a close and the crowd waited for him to reappear and sign autographs and take photos with fans.

The opening act was local rising star Eric Van Houten who has made a name for himself on the country music scene. Van Houten has the crowd appeal and talent to become a country star on his own. Canalside hit a home run with
this lineup and hopefully will continue bringing a diverse lineup to the popular series.


Keep On Fallin
Song About a Girl
Never Really Wanted
Angel Eyes
She Don’t Love You
Set Fire To The Rain
Water Into Wine
Barefoot Blue Jean Night
High Class
Even If It Breaks Your Heart
Backstage Pass
Angels In This Town
Here Comes Love/On The Road Again(Willie Nelson song)
Amarillo Rain
Like A Song
Less Than Whole


Friday Night

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We would like to thank Erin Marra from Canalside for the credentials to review the show.

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4. Motley Crue – Memorial Auditorium – Buffalo, NY 12/19/89
5. Kid Rock – Tweeter Center – Camden, New Jersey 3/25/06
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