A warm summer evening last Thursday was the perfect backdrop for Canadian rockers Theory of a Deadman to bring their brand of music to the popular Canalside Concert Series on Buffalo’s waterfront. Playing a hard rock and alternative blend, Theory has consistently pumped out hits on Nickelback leader Chad Kroeger’s 604 Records label. Calling them a formula band is not far off the mark. Their success is a result of Tyler Connolly’s leadership and a combo of drums, guitar and bass from bandmates Joey Dandeneau, Dave Brenner, and Dean Black. Comparison to Nickelback plays out in their riffing, hook-laden pop sound. Theory has enjoyed similar successes on a somewhat smaller scale.

Connolly’s vocals drive tunes like openers “Lowlife” and “So Happy” to not too daring territory. Straight ahead, pounding rock n’ roll backed his lead with tight musicianship and crafty stage presence with the obligatory drumstick spinning and windmill guitar chords. Theory doesn’t venture too far off this style. Judging by the enthusiastic crowd response, they are masters of this domain.

Connolly loves to talk to the crowd between songs and you can get a feel for how much they are enjoying the show. He mentioned the band playing the Buffalo area frequently and loving the response from local fans. Tonight was no different as the lawn was packed with fervent Theory loyalists from both sides of the border. Loud cheers met hits like “Hurricane,” “Not Meant toBe,” and show closer, “Hate My Life.” After a short break, fans called them back out for a two-song encore that included “Santa Monica” and possibly their biggest hit “Bad Girlfriend,” a song about the devious ways of a former lover. This night saw nothing devious from Theory, just a fun-filled night of thoroughly enjoyable rock music.




So Happy

All or Nothing

Outta my Head

Bitch Came Back


Drum solo

Better Off



Not Meant to Be


Hate my Life


Santa Monica

Bad Girlfreind


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We would like to thank Erin Marra for the credentials to review the show.


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