Not many people hold a resume like Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jerry Lee Lewis. Dubbed the first “Wildman” of Rock and Roll, Lewis is the last surviving member of Sun Records Million Dollar quartet which included Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Roy Orbinson. Lewis not only trail blazed what would become “Rock and Roll” as we know it today, but also trail blazed headlines in his personal life as well. He was in out of the headlines for years. Lewis was no stranger to tabloid banter and was the first rock and roller to experience such chatter.

When I heard that this iconic musician was playing BB Kings in NYC, this was a buckletlist show for me to attend. Lewis surrounded himself with a 4 piece backing band that included 2 guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. Lewis who is now 81 is not in great physical health. He gets around in a wheelchair for the most part and needs assistance walking as evident when he was helped from his chair to the piano stool for him to take part in the show. Lewis still displayed the charm and wit for his audience attendees.

Lewis made a few jokes but the night belonged to his piano playing. Even though his walking and maybe his voice wasn’t what it once was, his piano playing was still solid. Lewis’ let his fingers truly do most of the talking through the short 9 song set. Lewis made a lot of eye contact and had plenty of smiles for the audience throughout and even stood up and kicked his seat over at the end of “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.”

My review is looking at it from a perspective of it from a point that I got to see Jerry Lee Lewis play. Yes, the set was short probably due to physical ailments, as he is not capable of playing a normal set I’m sure. When he was on stage, he gave what he had. Again, his piano playing hasn’t lost much and that’s what he was always known for and to me, seeing him live and watching him play (even though for a short set) was worth the price of admission.  


Down the Line (Roy Robinson cover)

Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Stick McGhee cover)

C.C. Rider (Ma Gainey cover)

Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry cover)

Before the Night is Over (Joe Simon cover)

Sweet Little Sixteen (Chuck Berry cover)

You Win Again (Hank Williams cover)

Great Balls of Fire

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On


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We would like to thank Zach Farnum from 117 Entertainment Group and Nate Goehring DKC Public Relations for the credentials to review the show.

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4. Motley Crue – Memorial Auditorium – Buffalo, NY 12/19/89
5. Kid Rock – Tweeter Center – Camden, New Jersey 3/25/06
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