The cry heard at the 2nd annual Buffalo Ribfest at the popular Canalside venue last Sunday was not for the BBQ delicacy but WHAT TIME IS IT ??? as Morris Day and the Time took to the stage for the entertainment portion of the festival. They delighted the crowd with a full rack of hits. MD and the Time have been pumping out their signature crazy cool style of funk since the early 1980’s when they emerged from the Purple Empire of the one and only Prince. At 59 years old, Morris shows no signs of slowing down. Kicking the show off with the signature song “What Time is It?” Morris took to the stage with original Time member Monte Moir, who held a mirror for Morris to check himself. The little act brought roars from the crowd. Morris checked his wristwatch and asked the crowd the venerable question, “What time is it?” and the funk was on. The band was tight as always and Morris was in fine form, sporting a neon lemon-lime suit, paisley neck scarf and black shirt. Coordinated dance moves with band members and a mix of spin moves, slides and poses made Morris the “King of Cool”onstage. He never broke character, even during the heat  as they performed an earlier than usual set  as they tok the stage at approx 5:10 pm. More funk followed with “Cool,” Oak Tree,” and the call and response “777-9311.”

A tribute to mentor Prince came with the only new song of the set in “Over The Rainbow.” It was a emotional moment as Morris sang his heart out for his long-time friend. Morris got right back into it celebrating his love for the opposite sex by inviting a crowd of women onstage to dance with him during the slow and sultry “Be Your Man.” and “Ice Cream Castles” The fun went on for quite a while as Morris challenged the women to a slow dance contest that brought the biggest cheers from the crowd.

Morris Day & The Time ended the show with two of the biggest Time hits, “The Walk” and “The Bird,” Morris strutted off stage waving his silk pocket square as a thank you to the crowd. Ever cool, he tucked it neatly in his jacket pocket and checked himself in his mirror again before his exit. An encore of the smash hit “Jungle Love” saw Morris and the band give a last burst of energy to the crowd as he coolly slid off into the night. The Morris Day legend will live long after the sun sets on this show.


What Time is it?
Jerk Out
Oak Tree
Over the Rainbow
Be  Your Man
Ice Cream Castles
The Walk
The Bird


Jungle Love


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We would like to thank Karen Konecko from Townsquare Media for the credentials to review the show.'

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