One of the hottest acts in rock n roll today appeared last Tuesday at the Town Ballroom in Royal Blood. The UK duo frontman/bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher are on tour promoting their new album “How Did We Get
So Dark?” Their stop at the Buffalo, NY venue was sold out for months in anticipation. The band has received huge praise from some big names in music like Jimmy Page, Dave Grohl and Howard Stern.

The pre show buzz was louder than normal and the crowd was edgy as Arkansas native Welles opened the show with a well-received set of original rock tunes. The buzz grew to a roar when Royal Blood appeared onstage and blasted into their latest single “Where Are,You Now?” It was a pure sonic assault which has come to define the new sound this band has created. Kerr’s mastery of mixing powerful vocals with a technological bass style and Thatcher’s steady rhythmic drum pounding has separated them from your average rock act. Kerr elicits both lead guitar and backing bass from one instrument that has to be heard to be  believed. Close your eyes and you swear you’re hearing at least a three piece band if not a bigger lineup. Using a variety of electronic pedals and other effects, Kerr is taking this unique sound in a new direction. “Lights Out” and “Come On Over” were up next and the crowd was not settling in. With each tune there was a new, louder and more fierce response. “Little Monster” and “Hook Line and Sinker” were met with huge applause and screams of approval. Royal Blood was earning their name. The did not slow down and by the time “Loose Change” and ‘Ten Ton Skeleton” were played, the crowd was a sweaty exhausted mass of humanity.

Royal Blood had put on a show that was both fresh and classic. The encore of “Out of the Black” crowned the night and left the crowd screaming the band’s name as they left the stage. Kerr and Thatcher have forged a new sound that
respects rocks roots and future. Royal indeed.


Where Are You Now?

Lights Out

Come on Over

I Only Lie When I love You

Little Monster

Hook, Line & Sinker

Blood Hands

She’s Creeping

Hole in Your Heart

Figure it Out

Loose Change

Ten Tonne Skeleton


Out of the Black


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We would like to thank Peter Quinn from BB Gun Press for the credentials to review the show.'

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