One of the most memorable rock bands that took to the stage back in the late 1970’s was a band called Angel. Their sound and image were unmatched and really left a mark in music history. The original band disbanded in 1981 so when any members reunite, its a big deal. Guitarist Punky Meadows and vocalist Frank DiMino  are getting together to perform again for a slew of shows in 2018. For these shows Meadows and DiMino surrounded themselves with Danny Farrow Anniello on rhythm guitar, Charlie Calv on keyboards, Billy Orrico on drums and Steve E. Ojane on bass. The tour just got underway a week ago and they came through the Brooklyn area this past Wednesday.

Opening with the “On The Rocks” off of Angels 3rd studio effort “On Earth as It Is in Heaven,” you had a sense that this was going to be a fantastic night of Angel music. Meadows still shows the passion and fire that he had back during Angel’s heyday.  His guitar playing was very fluid throughout the set. Meadows came out with a solo disc in 2016 called “Fallen Angel.” They played “Straight Shooter” and “Lost and Lonely” off of “Fallen Angel.” For long time fans, Meadows still does the infamous point with one hand while playing with the other.

DiMino was battling an ear infection but that didn’t matter. The true professional he is, gave the fans what they came for and then some. DiMino was in great spirits upon taking the stage and lasted throughout the nearly 2 hour show.  His voice is still in tip top shape. He killed it on songs like “The Fortune” and “Don’t Leave Me Lonely.” DiMino also shared stories before some of the songs. He talked about how the band recorded at the Record Plant in NYC and remembers “Cast the First Stone” coming out of one of those sessions. The only time the band ever done The Rascals cover “Ain’t Gonna Eat my Heart Out Anymore” was for the Angel live album “Live Without a Net.” They decided to bring it out on this run of dates and it sounded perfect.

As with Meadows solo material, DiMino also brought out some of his as well. “Never Again” which featured Meadows on the studio track was another highlight of the set.  It should be noted that Meadows and DiMinio had the perfect compliment of players and were solid throughout the set. Their playing gave both Meadows and DiMino the ability to be out front and be interactive with the fans. Of course they ended the night by performing the track that Angel is most identified with in “The Tower.”

Its been 39 years since both DiMino and Meadows have taken the stage together. The show could be a perfect appetizer to what Angel fans really want, a full on Angel reunion. Hopefully they can convince their old comrades to join in on the fun!



On the Rocks (Angel song)

Can You Feel It (Angel song)

Wild and Hot (Angel song)

Rockin’ in the City (Frank Dimino song)

Straight Shooter (Punky Meadows song)

The Fortune (Angel song)

Cast the First Stone (Angel song)

Bad Time (Angel song)

Don’t Leave Me Lonely (Angel song)

Lost and Lonely (Punky Meadows)

Ain’t Gonna Eat my Heart Out Anymore (The Young Rascals cover)

All the Young Dudes (David Bowie cover)

Never Again (Frank Dimino cover)

Got Love if You Want It (Angel song)

Anyway You Want It (Angel song)

Feelin Right’ (Angel song)

Rock and Rollers (Angel song)



The Tower (Angel song)

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We would like to thank Danny Farrow Anniello for the credentials to review the show.

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