There’s no better way to break up the work week than with a killer rock show and there’s absolutely no better band for that to happen than to see Fozzy.  The band is currently out on the Judas Rising tour in support of their monster 2017 album “Judas” and they made a stop this past Wednesday at The Underground Charlotte.  What started out as a side project for pro wrestler Chris Jericho and guitarist Rich Ward back in 2000 has morphed into one of the biggest and baddest rock bands on the planet and Wednesday night they put on a show that Charlotte rock fans would never forget.

The venue was packed  not only with Fozzy fans but friends and family as well as guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey both hail from the local area.  The level of excitement in the audience was off the charts and it was clear that everyone came to get their rock on especially when the venue lights went dark and the crowd erupted.  Two sirens on each side of the stage were situated on top of the stacks of amplifiers as Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” blasted through the Underground. Oh Lord yeah! The band made their way onto the stage opening with the title track from their latest record “Judas” and it was on.  Charismatic frontman Chris Jericho stood center stage on top of a small riser as plumes of smoke shot up on each side of him.  Guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey were on fire all night long as the band tore through song after song with drummer Frank Fontsere and bass guitarist Paul DiLeo driving the pace.  With all his years in the WWE, Jericho definitely knows how to entertain a crowd and his showmanship in the ring has easily transferred to the stage as he drew the audience in from the very first notes, pointing and engaging with the fans.  His vocals were spot on and the band sounded tight and on top of their game.  Ward ‘s guitar skills put him in a class of his own and The Duke  never missed a note even while spinning and kicking around the stage even jumping off and playing at the barricade for the fans up front.  Fozzy is a band that always appreciates the fans,  bringing about a dozen or so onto the stage including one lucky young boy who flashed the devil horns with a huge smile on his face.  The fun didn’t stop there as Jericho brought out a fog gun, shooting it at the crowd during “Do You Wanna Start a War” and bringing up several members of the all female AC/DC cover band Shoot To Thrill for a cover of T.N.T.

Other highlights of the evening included a sing along cover of Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgettin” and even the ABBA song SOS. If that wasn’t enough excitement, Ward decided to go airborne, crowd surfing while playing his guitar the whole time. The band didn’t leave the stage for an encore.  Instead Jericho told the audience that since they know the band will come back out for one more song, just pretend they left for a minute before closing out the evening with “Sandpaper.”

Fozzy is badass, delivering  a knock out punch as always and  taking the crowd on a wild rock and roll ride.  Do not miss your chance to see them when the Judas Rising tour makes a stop in a town near you.


Set List:



Drinkin with Jesus

One Crazed Anarchist

Sin and Bones

Burn Me Out


Spider In My Mouth


Do You Wanna Start a War

SOS (ABBA cover)

Lights Go Out

Wolves at Bay

I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time you’re Near) (Michael McDonald cover)


T.N.T. (AC/DC cover)

Bad Tattoo




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We would like to thank Bari Lieberman from MSOPR for the credentials to review the show.

About The Author Kris Engelhart

I am a small business owner, freelance writer, and part-time piano instructor in Charlotte, NC. My musical career started at the age of five when I was forced into taking piano lessons. I played flute in the school band and added the guitar as a young teen. There is nothing I would rather do than be at a live show. My first concert was Shaun Cassidy at the Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo in 1978. My top five live shows ever are: 1. Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band – Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY 1984- They played for 3 ½ hours and it was awesome. 2. Carolina Rebellion- Metrolina Expo Grounds, Charlotte, NC, May, 2011 – The first ever Carolina Rebellion featured over 15 bands with Avenged Sevenfold headlining. Non-stop music for over 12 hours. 3. Chevelle- Food Lion Speed Street, Charlotte, NC, May, 2008 - The first time I ever saw Chevelle live and I was hooked! 4. Skillet with Red- Bojangle’s Coliseum, Charlotte, NC, April, 2010 – Skillet is one of my favorite bands and they totally kick it live. 5. 106.5 The End’s Weenie Roast #9- Verizon Wireless Amiptheater, Charlotte, NC , October, 2003- Featured Staind, Shinedown, Three Days Grace.