Doro “Forever Warriors, Forever United”

If I had to choose just one musician that personifies the world of metal, it would have to be the Metal Queen herself, Doro Pesch. Doro, to me, is the embodiment of the spirit of metal , forever fighting the good fight and has been proudly waving the metal flag for decades. Doro is back with her first ever double album “Forever Warriors, Forever United.”

“Forever Warriors” is pure anthemic metal madness, full of stadium fist pumpers. The opening track “All For Metal” will have audiences on their feet and features guest appearances by some of metal’s best including the late Warrel Dane of Sanctuary and Doro’s ex-Warlock bandmate Tommy Bolan. Guitarists Bas Maas and Luca Princiotta really crank things up with the thrash like feel of “Bastardos” whille “Soldier of Metal” showcases the epic grandeur of a metal ballad. Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth lends his growling vocals to “If I Can’t Have You” while “Turn It Up” has a great, grooving feel reminiscent of the 80’s hair metal era.

“Forever United” begins with the powerful rocker “Resistance” but also contains some true melodic beauty. The inspirational “Lift Me Up” features an outstanding vocal by Doro as does the beautiful ballad “It Cuts So Deep.” Doro’s band has been playing together for what seems like forever and they are truly fantastic at what they do. The often underrated Maas and Princiotta light things up with the full metal assault of “Fight Through The Fire” while bassist Nick Douglas and drummer Johnny Dee drive the pace. Doro pays homage to the late, great Lemmy Kilmister with “Living Life to the Fullest” and on the Motorhead cover “Lost in the Ozone.” “Caruso” is a poignant piano ballad while “Tra Como E Coriovallum” is a nicely done instrumental. Closing out the album is “Metal Is My Alcohol” a fast and furious good time rocker.

“Forever Warriors, Forever United” is further proof that Doro’s title, “The Queen of Heavy Metal,” is well deserved as the spirit of metal lies within her soul. Long may she reign!