Brian Wheat (Tesla) Interview

To millions of music fans around the world, Brian Wheat is the rock star bassist for Tesla, busy touring the world and making hit records.  While all of that is indeed true,  there is much, much more to Brian that isn’t visible during a 90- minute concert set.  In his new book, “Son of A Milkman,” Brian shares his personal story with all the ups and downs that life has a tendency to throw at us.  The book is brutally honest, humorous at times and poignant at others, giving an inside look at the people and circumstances that have helped shape Brian Wheat into the man he is today.  Despite struggles with anxiety and depression and physical ailments which accompany his auto-immune disease, Brian has persevered. Whether it was the early days in Tesla or his recent love of remodeling, it’s clear that he is passionate about everything that he does. BackstageAxxess had the opportunity to talk with Brian about “Son Of A Milkman” as well as the latest happenings with Tesla and his ongoing friendship with the legendary Jimmy Page. Please join us for a chat with the one and only, Brian Wheat.

We would like to thank Hadlee Wolfram of Chipster PR for setting up the interview with Brian. For more information on Brain’s new book “Son of a Milkman: My Crazy Life in Tesla,” please go to: Book . If you are looking for information on Tesla, please click here: Tesla .