Ross “The Boss” Friedman (Death Dealer) Interview

It’s been almost four years since Death Dealer released their sophomore album “Hallowed Ground,” but as they say, good things come to those who wait and in November, the band dropped a magnificent metal masterpiece entitled “Conquered Lands.”  The new record is everything a metal fan could ask for with blistering guitars, majestic melodies, and fantastical lyrics that transport the listener to a different time and place. At the heart of the band, is iconic rock guitarists, Ross “The Boss” Friedman. Over the years, Ross has given us the best of heavy metal with Manowar and helped keep punk alive with The Dictators.  Now, with Death Dealer, Ross has yet another avenue to unleash his masterful skills. BackstageAxxess had the opportunity to chat with Ross and get the inside scoop on “Conquered Lands” as well as an update on Death Dealer and The Dictators. Please join us for a conversation with  Ross “The Boss.”

We would like to thank Chip Ruggieri of Chipster PR for setting up the interview with Ross “The Boss.” For more information on Death Dealer including the new album “Conquered Lands,” please go to: Death Dealer . If it’s Ross “The Boss” information your after,  please click here: Ross “The Boss” .