Derek Day and Franco Gravante of Classless Act Interview

Keeping rock and roll alive for the masses, Classless Act has emerged as the hottest new act of 2022. With catchy songs, blazing guitars, and soaring vocals, the band is everything that we know and love about rock.  In today’s digital world, they are indeed a breath of fresh air taking us back to the golden age of seventies classic rock with a unique & modern spin.

Their debut album “Welcome To The Show,” really got head turning throughout the music world. Classless Act are a great live act as well and they have proved it this past summer garnering an opening spot on the summer’s biggest tour, The Stadium Tour with Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison and Joan Jett.  This gave the band a chance to have their music reach an ever-increasing audience.  The band has recently released a new acoustic EP, “Welcome To The Acoustic Show,” giving us the opportunity to hear their debut songs in a different light. BackstageAxxess had the opportunity to chat with lead vocalist Derek Day and bass guitarist Franco Gravante about the new EP, Derek’s admiration of all things David Bowie, and how Franco first fell in love with AC/DC.


We would like to thank Mary Abrams of Herfitz PR for setting up the interview with Derek and Franco. For more information on Classless Act, please go to: Classless Act .