Peter Gabriel Releases New Single “Panopticom” From The First Album of New Songs in 20 Years

Peter Gabriel Releases New Single “Panopticom”From The First Album of New Songs in 20 Years i/oListen HEREAlbum Set for Release in 2023
(January 6, 2023) — Today, on the first full moon of 2023, Peter Gabriel has revealed the first new song from his forthcoming album i/o. The track is accompanied by a cover image by the artist David Spriggs. Written and produced by Peter Gabriel, Panopticom was recorded at Real World Studios in Wiltshire and The Beehive in London. ‘The first song is based on an idea I have been working on to initiate the creation of an infinitely expandable accessible data globe: The Panopticom,’ says Gabriel. ‘We are beginning to connect a like-minded group of people who might be able to bring this to life, to allow the world to see itself better and understand more of what’s really going on.’ Musically Panopticom drives along powered by the engine-room of long-time collaborators Tony Levin, David Rhodes and Manu Katché, underpinned by haunting electronics from Brian Eno. Additional backing vocals from Ríoghnach Connolly of The Breath. The lyric is, in part, inspired by the extraordinary work of three groups, Forensic ArchitectureBellingcat and the Gabriel co-founded pioneering human rights organisation WITNESS. The release of Panopticom on the full moon is no coincidence and in true Gabriel fashion the approach for i/o will be a little different from the norm. The lunar phases will guide the release plan in 2023, with a new song revealed each full moon. ‘Some of what I’m writing about this time is the idea that we seem incredibly capable of destroying the planet that gave us birth and that unless we find ways to reconnect ourselves to nature and to the natural world we are going to lose a lot. A simple way of thinking about where we fit in to all of this is looking up at the sky… and the moon has always drawn me to it.’ Each new release of music will come with a specific piece of art, ‘we’ve been looking at the work of many hundreds of artists,’ says Gabriel, and Panopticom features the work ‘Red Gravity’ by David Spriggs. ‘It was the theme of surveillance that connected me with the work of David Spriggs because he’d done a piece relating to that. David does this amazing stuff using many layers of transparencies so you get these strange creations with a real intensity to them. Part of what he does is imagine what art might look like a few years in the future and then try and create accordingly and I think he’s done that very successfully in this particular piece.’ As well as new music, Peter Gabriel will embark on a tour later this year. Dates in the UK and Europe are already on sale, with shows on North American tour to be announced soon.i/o The Tour – Europe 2023 Thursday 18 May        Krakow, Poland                         TAURON ArenaSaturday 20 May         Verona, Italy                              Verona ArenaSunday 21 May            Milan, Italy                                Mediolanum ArenaTuesday 23 May          Paris, France                              AccorHotels ArenaWednesday 24 May    Lille, France                               Stade Pierre-MauroyFriday 26 May              Berlin, Germany                       WaldbuehneSunday 28 May            Munich, Germany                    KoenigsplatzTuesday 30 May          Copenhagen, Denmark           Royal ArenaWednesday 31 May    Stockholm, Sweden                 Avicii ArenaFriday 2 June                Bergen, Norway                        KoengenMonday 5 June            Amsterdam, Netherlands       Ziggo DomeTuesday 6 June            Antwerp, Belgium                    SportpaleisThursday 8 June          Zurich, Switzerland                  HallenstadionSaturday 10 June         Cologne, Germany                   Lanxess ArenaMonday 12 June          Hamburg, Germany                 Barclays ArenaTuesday 13 June          Frankfurt, Germany                 FesthalleThursday 15 June        Bordeaux, France                     Arkea ArenaSaturday 17 June         Birmingham, UK                       Utilita ArenaMonday 19 June          London, UK                                The O2Thursday 22 June        Glasgow, UK                              OVO HydroFriday 23 June              Manchester, UK                        AO ArenaSunday 25 June           Dublin, Ireland                          3Arena Tickets on sale now / For a fuller explanation of The Panopticom see addendum below.David Spriggs – https://davidspriggs.artForensic Architecture – https://forensic-architecture.orgBellingcat – bellingcat.comWITNESS – Further details on the release plans for the full album will follow.

Panopticom The Universally Accessible Data GlobeSee the world!The first song is based on an idea I have been working on, to initiate the creation of an infinitely expandable accessible data globe: The Panopticom. We are beginning to connect a like-minded group of people who might be able to bring this to life, to allow the world to see itself better and understand more of what’s really going on.

  • More and more data is being created and very little is visible. The Panopticom platform is a constantly changing satellite fed globe which will be the central tool that allows people to upload and monitor appropriate and meaningful, personal, social, economic and political data along with all manner of scientific and environmental information. It should allow the world to see much more of itself.
  • Any data that has a geographical component will be logged into its global location and colour coded according to the degree of verification. The data, once it has passed reasonable tests of validity, will be written into the surface of the world via the Panopticom in indelible ‘digital ink,‘ so never again should threats to the planet, it’s people, flora and fauna, be invisible, denied forgotten or erased.
  • The tools for navigating the Panopticom will allow any citizen to search, using any point of reference: e.g., issue, date, location and even allow the enquirer to roll the planet back in time to when maps were first being drawn, or to see what’s happened to the Amazon basin or icecaps since we had satellite imagery.
  • On a personal level it could store where you first fell in love, where you were born, where you love to travel to.
  • I imagine that somewhere a huge physical globe will show all the data activity on its surface, along with a personal version for mobile, tablet and computer. I can also picture an interface like a slice of a sphere that could fit on a dinner plate and allow a more physical relationship with the data which would then appear on a screen.
  • By easily animating data, the Panopticom could, for example, enable us to monitor what is going on with climate and with the biosphere as it happens.
  • For human rights, it would enable every single transgression or human rights abuse, to be indelibly logged into the fabric of this digital planet, hopefully with a personal video account. It could also show when and where justice is achieved.
  • The Panopticom can evolve into a giant living library of human and planetary experience, but also shine a light on and hopefully deter, the dark, the mal-intentioned and the dangerous.
  • The ability to visualise, to see what is really going on, transformed medicine. It could do the same for the planet.

These are just a few initial ideas. I am certain something like this will have to exist in the future. Let’s create the Panopticom together in an open, benign and generous way, that informs inspires and protects all the passengers on this big blue ball. Peter Gabriel. January 2023