Jinjer and Until I Wake @ Rapids Theater, Niagara Falls, NY 8-25-23

Jinjer @ Rapids Theater, Niagara Falls, NY 8-25-23

It was a fun night of metal as both Jinjer and Until I Wake took the stage at the Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls this past Friday night. It was the first time that either band has played this venue and the first time Jinjer has played the WNY area ever.

Until I Wake is band that actually hails from Buffalo, NY. So this was homecoming show (of sorts) for them.  They only played a 25 minute set but hit the fans hard and heavy with songs “Inside my Head,” “Still Sinking” and their latest single, “Cold.”  The band consists of Alex Curtin on drums; August Geitner on guitar; Cody Jamison Johnson on vocals and Ryan Ridley on bass. The are currently on tour in support of their debut effort ‘Inside my Head.’ I believe the next time the band plays thee area, they will be headlining. Look for more things to come from these guys.

Headlining the nights festivities were Jinjer, The band hails from Donetsk, Ukraine. They consist of Tetiana Shmailyuk on vocals, Roman Ibramkhalilovon guitars, Eugene Abdukhanov on bass and Vladislav Ulasevich on drums. I’m sure this tour has been hard on them wondering what’s going on back home. They currently have been opening up for the Disturbed tour but been doing some sporadic headlining shows. This was one of the off shows from the tour. The fans welcomed them with open arms from the first note of “Perennial,” to the last note of “Sit Stay Roll Over.” The band really didn’t say too much in between songs. They let the music do the talking as fans created multiple pits and were moshing pretty much throughout the show. I thought Shmailyuk really worked the crowd well with her delivery and fierce intensity. In fact, she it seemed almost effortlessly for her to go back and forth (quickly I mind you) between guttural and a melodic delivery. It was quite impressive actually.  It was solid set for  band that is starting to garner more and more attention and you can tell by the almost capacity crowd that attended the show this past Friday night.  They are starting to really build something and it’s just a matter time before they start headlining even bigger venues.







Words of Wisdom

Call Me a Symbol


I Speak Astronomy



The Prophecy

Teacher, Teacher! 

Pit of Consciousness

Sleep of the Righteous


As I Boil Ice




Sit Stay Roll Over



We would like to thank Jon Freeman from Freeman Promotions for the credentials to review the show.