The Guess Who @ Erie County Fair, Hamburg, NY 8-18-23

The Guess Who @ Erie County Fair, Hamburg, NY 8-18-23

One of Canada’s most treasured musical exports graced the stage this past Thursday at the Erie County Fair. That band is none other than The Guess Who. the band has had many lineup changes throughout its history. Currently the 2023 lineup consists of original member and founder of the band Garry Peterson on drums, Derek Sharp on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Leonard Shaw on keys, flute and backup vocals, Michael Staertow on lead guitar and temporary fill in Luis Espaillat on bass. Michael Devan has left to join the Dead Daisies so the band is still working ion naming a permanent replacement for him.

The band took the stage and kicked into a new track in “The King” off of the new album ‘Plein D’Amour.’ This is a brand new album that was just released on Deko Entertainment. This track, along with two other new tracks “Headline” and “People All Around Me” were also played. These songs sound new and fresh and it’s a little different direction from what the bands grass roots are. That is not necessarily a bad thing. This new injection was also incorporated into their live show too. That has a lot to do with vocalist and producer of the new album in Sharp. He brings a different flavor to the band. I thought the new tracks especially “People All Around Me” was one of the highlights of their set. If you think that Peterson is just in the background that wasn’t the case. He was somewhat of a narrator during the show and talked a few times before some of the classics were played. He was giving stories on how a few particular songs came about. For Shaking All Over,” Shar and Staretow enjoyed guitar solos. With “Headline,” all four guys (minus Peterson) came together to sing into one mic for the song. A longtime friend of Sharp’s in Stan Miczek joined the band to play bass for “Plein D’ Amour.”  They closed  the set with two iconic songs in “These Eyes” and  “No Time.”

Again, if your thinking this is carbon copy of the earlier classic lineup of The Guess Who you will be sadly disappointed. If you go into with an open mind and taking it for what it is, which is what The Guess Who is in 2023, you will be pleasantly surprised! I guarantee if you do that you just that,  you will really enjoy the band for what they are today.




The King

Clap for the Wolfman

Undon (Living in the Past -Jethro Tull – snippet)

No Sugar Tonight/Mother Nature

 People All Around Me

Shakin’ All Over (Johnny and the Pirates cover)


Hand Me Down World

Share the Land

American Woman




Plein D’ Amour

These Eyes

No Time


We would like to thank the team at the Erie County Fair for their assistance in helping BackstageAxxess in garnering access to obtain photos for the show.