KISS and Amber Wild at CFG Arena, Baltimore, MD 11-29-23

The End of the Road is near for the legendary band KISS. At the end of 2018, KISS announced that they would embark on their final tour ever. This was dubbed the ‘End of the Road’ tour. As the first show happened in Vancouver on January 31, 2019 the band did series of dates that were originally supposed to take them through July 17, 2021.  Covid struck and the band had to postpone most of their shows for 2020 and into 20021. Once everything was back up and running, the band continued to tour throughout the world. KISS announced the last 20 shows in North America earlier this year. The last t 3 shows were to be in Baltimore, MD and then the final two in NYC. BackstageAxxess were lucky enough to be credentialed to review the last show in Baltimore. For the openers for the last run of shows was Paul Stanley’s son Evans new band called Amber Wild.

Amber Wild took to teh stage at 7:30pm sharp. the 4 piece outfit played for about 30 plus minutes. Songs like “Constant Constellations” and “Silver” were highlights. Again, led by Eisen, the band received a great response form the crowd and am I looking forward to seeing what they can do outside of the KISS support. Their 5 songs went over very well.

You may be asking what changes KISS made from this show since the since the start of the tour. The production changed a few times. They had a boatful of pods and then reduced them and then upped them again for the final leg of the tour. The lightning and lasers they added were slightly different as well. The graphics too were different and especially noticeable during the song “Makin’ Love.” The beautiful ‘Rock and Roll’ over colors and album flashed around and made this a sight to see especially if you’re a longtime KISS fan. Yes, the setlist didn’t change much as they been changing one song in and out throughout. That song was “Do You love Me” which was in this particular setlist. Previous legs included “Crazy Nights,” which is one of my personal favorites. Also, what should be noted is that giant inflatables of each member adorned the backdrop to each side of the KISS Army like shaped screens.

All of the staples that make a KISS show were included. Gene Simmons breathing fire, Paul Stanley flying across the arena, Tommy Thayer shooting rockets out of his guitar and Eric Singer’s drums rising up and while doing his drum solo. Paul Stanley stated his love for Baltimore multiple times throughout the show. Whether this I your first or 101 first KISS show, the KISS army loves you! There were some spotlight issues at various times in the set. At one point, Stanley did ask at one time if he can have a spotlight on him. I thought the comradery between members was spot on and the band sounded tight.

KISS pioneered what a rock concert can be. They made the show and everything that goes along with it as much as focal point as the music. This was their last of any shows anywhere outside of their hometown of NYC. To be a part of it at the CFG Arena was truly magnificent! Thank you for all that you have given to fans over your last 50 years in music.




Detroit Rock City

Shout It Out Loud


War Machine

Heaven’s on Fire

I Love It Loud

Say Yeah

Gold Gin

Guitar solo 

Lick It Up (Won’t Get Fooled Again -snippet – The Who cover) 

Calling Dr. Love

Psycho Circus

Drum Solo 

100,000 years (partial) 

Bass solo

God of Thunder

Love Gun

I Was Made for Lovin’ You

Black Diamond





Do You Love Me

Rock and Roll All Nite 

We would like to thank Sarah Hoffman from Full Coverage PR for the photo pass.