3 Doors Down ‘The Greatest Hits’

  It’s hard to believe that well over a decade has passed since “Kryptonite” took over the airwaves and led 3 Doors Down to super-stardom with their debut album, “The Better Life.” But yes, it has been that long and thus it is time for a compilation album, “The Greatest Hits.”

  The new record includes nine hits that have been “remixed and remastered” with inclusions from all five of their studio releases. 3 Doors Down have always played to their strengths with the rich and smooth vocals of Brad Arnold front and center with catchy melodic riffs at just the right moments. The songs on this album are no exception. All the hits you would expect will be found including “Kryptonite,” “Be Like That,” “Here Without You,” and “Duck and Run.”

  As a teaser, three new songs have been added as well. The new single “One Light” is a solid rocker of a tune with a harder edge to it and “There’s a Life” rides the border between rock and pop. The highlight of the record though is the slower “Goodbyes” which opens with acoustic guitars. Written by Arnold after a friend had passed away, the song resonates with raw emotion and is destined to be a 3 Doors Down classic.

  “The Greatest Hits” is a great starting point for those who wish to add some 3 Doors Down to their music collection and the new songs make it a must buy for long time fans.