Doro Raise Your Fist ‘Raise Your Fist’

  After just one listen to the newest release by legendary metal vocalist Doro Pesch, it’s easy to see why she has been granted the title of Metal Queen. Her seventeenth studio album, “Raise Your Fist,” is a fierce collection of melodic metal complete with powerful rocking anthems and touching ballads.

  Doro’s powerful voice absolutely resonates on “Raise Your Fist In The Air,” building into a huge, anthemic chorus. The rockers continue on with the raging guitars of “Rock Til Death” and the driving beat of “Revenge.” Ozzy guitarist Gus G. makes an appearance on “Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing)” offering us a killer riff to match the grooving rhythm.

  In stark contrast to the power of Doro, are “Engel” and “Freiheit (Human Rights)” which were recorded in her native German and showcase the beauty and emotion of her vocal range. Also featured is a unexpected duet with Lemmy Kilmister on the ballad “It Still Hurts.” The album closes with Doro’s tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio, the poignant “Hero” which starts out soft and builds to a powerful conclusion.

  “Raise Your Fist” is proof positive that Doro is a complete package. With excellent songwriting ability and mad vocal skills, she really has it all. Hail to the Queen!